Airbags, seat belts cut risk of facial fractures

Airbags, seat belts cut risk of facial fractures

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Car safety features, particularly airbags and seatbelts, may minimise the likelihood of facial fractures following motor vehicle collisions, according to a study.
28 Jul 2016 - General
Speaking of facial fractures, just today afternoon I assisted in suturing some severe facial lacerations on a 10 year old child who had had a road traffic accident. Luckily the kid did not sustain any facial fractures, but the laceration on the cheek extending up to the eye brow and angle of the mouth was extensive that it may probably leave a disfiguring scar on the child's face forever. The father of the child was riding a Mclaren sports car which is designed for 2 passengers. The child wa...
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Motor vehicles accident is always associated with significant morbidity and mortality. The outcome of motor vehicles accident will be much depended on the impact or the nature of collisions and also care safety features like airbags and seatbelts. It shows that the combination of airbags and seat belts do reduce the likelihood of facial fracture during the motor vehicles accident by around 53 percent, comparing with no protective device. Nowadays, I believe that airbags are the requirement for a...
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