Research Vs. Audit - is not the same..

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28 Jul 2016 - General

Some people do alwways confuse between research and audit. Research and audit are both different entities, that serve different purpose, But, sometime, it does appear that audit may cross over the line to become a research. The simple definition of research is a systematic study or investigation of a specific question, in order to identify new knowlegde. Audit is the sytematic review of current clinical practice, comparing against the standar practice (guideline), aim to assess, evaluate, and improve current clinical practice. The audit cycles include identifing the area or issue in clinical practice of interest, then set the criteria or standards guideline to compare with, then gathering the data from current practice, and then use the data collected to compare with the standard guideline, identifying the deficiency and implemne change. Re-audit is important to complete the audit cycle,. We need ethical approval for all the research, but audit does not require ethical approval. Anyone has some across any issue of uncertainty about whether their nature of their project, either research or audit ??? Any other comment or suggestion ?

@ Jennifer Winter, sometime there is a potential cross-over from audit to research project. Hence, the definition and plan for the project before starting is very important. The reason why we do not need an ethical approval for an audit project is that audit is part of the clinical governance, and it is an on-going process to improve the quality of care and safety in health care settling. We need to know how are we performing against the standard guideline, and if we do not the standard gui...
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I actually never thought that these two entities would be confused for the other. I would attend audits in the hospital where the department would discuss the cases over the year, how they were dealt with, what should have been, how to improve etc. I see how they can be confused but definitely the systematic approach to both is quite different. You stated there: "We need ethical approval for all the research, but audit does not require ethical approval." I did wonder this at one point ...
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