Parents rage over fake vaccines in Indonesia

Parents rage over fake vaccines in Indonesia

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In a recent scandal involving fake vaccines being given to children, local television footage this week showed a mob of angry parents at Harapan Bunda Hospital in eastern Jakarta arguing with a doctor and then punching him and spitting on him before security officers broke up the brawl. Other parents took their rage to the government, complaining to members of parliament and demanding for help.
28 Jul 2016 - General

Yes, the fined of less than $100 for the person who can potentially cause adverse health outcome for the innocence children??? Not sure what is the rationale behind it. Such an action from authority will only encourage more and more perpetrator to get involved in the using of fake vaccine. Heavy penalty is required to deter people from doing so. I would agree that “corruption” may be playing a huge role here, but this is quite a sensitivity issue to be discussed over here. This is a good ...
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It is indeed quite sad to come across the negative news about vaccines. Using the fake vaccines for the children is a crime !!! First of all, the fake vaccines will not work or be protective. And the fake vaccines may give rise to unforeseen medical complications !!! The authority in charged should took this issue serious and appropriate actions should be taken to prevent further calamity to happen again. Implementation of good quality control across the healthcare settling is very important to ...
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