Too Old For Medical Work

Too Old For Medical Work

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A great number of the current world wide doctor task force is comprised of the elderly. Despite possessing immense clinical expertise several organizations are worried about age-related issues faced by the ageing doctor.
28 Jul 2016 - General
Most university hospitals in Manila set the retiring age for medical practice at 65 years old. Because of this, doctors aged 50 yrs and above make the necessary career shift by engaging in more academic and administrative activities. Personally, I do not agree with setting an age limit for practice. I worked with a surgeon who still operates in his 90's and has excellent dexterity. Although he retired at the age of 94 because he can no longer tolerate standing for long hours due to a chronic...
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I also don't believe that there should be a specific age for the retirement for medical professionals. As long as you are mentally and physically capable of making doing the work of a competent doctor you should be fine. A doctor gains more and more experience as they age, and it's more likely that a doctor who's 65 years of age can make a better judgement than a young 30 year old doctor. On the other hand, I know that most of us very much look forward to our retirement and dream of...
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We should not allow the stereotypical views of getting older get in the way. The retirement age, in my opinion, relies on two things namely: the health care professional's ability to remain responsible by making the decision himself or herself by knowing his or her limitations and genetics. Genetics, as @You Yi Hong mentioned regarding how individuals vary, is strong a determinant. We can do all we can to stay sharp and fit but if we have bad genes we may have to hit retirement sooner than o...
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Experience is the best for doctor as well. We will gain a lot of invaluable clinical experience when we go through our training progress, as well as when we are practising as independent consultant. In the medical world, the learning process is a continuous effort, and we need to keep ourselves up-dated through our career, as there is always news development, new treatment available, along my career pathway. I would say the ideal retirement age for a doctor will be between 65-70 years old, if th...
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