First American to have double hand transplant wants them both removed

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28 Jul 2016 - General

The patient who was the medical pioneer in receiving the world's first double hand transplant 7 years ago, wish to both the transplant hands be removed as he was never been able to use both the transplanted hand. Prior to the trasnplant, patient's both hands and legs were amputated due to sepsis triggered by a throat infection. He was offered the chance to become world first double hand transplant after. It seem like this was the decision that he regretted, as possibly using false hands may enable him to drive or get a job. No one would be able to predict what will be the outcome of any new unproven medical procedure. So, if you was in his situation 7 years ago, would you be brave enough to become the medical pioneer ?? Any other comments ?

It is really problematic when a patient consents to a novel procedure without being able to grasp what "unforseen complications" mean. Being a transplant recipient is difficult. Aside from taking a lot of medications for infection prophylaxis, anti-rejection medications, steroid and maintenance medications, you have to be on a neutropenic diet for the rest of your life. I understand the frustration of the patient because his expectation does not meet the outcome of his surgery. However...
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Ya he disappointment that he got with both transplanted hands, should be told to him as part of the risk or complication prior to the transplant. There is always having known and unknown risks being the world first medical pioneer, as no one will exactly know what will be the short term and long term outcome. He should be well aware of this before consenting to it. As Jennifer has pointed out, human will always not give up on any hope, even with the smallest chance like winning the lottery. I th...
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When someone has gone through a lot it tends to be inevitable that will power would die. I get why he wants them removed and doesn't want anymore procedures to improve the hands that aren't as functional as hoped. The doctors did state that they were very frank with the outcomes, complications and all what was to be expected, though despite being aware of this you can't help but feel hopeful. I can't really say if I would be willing to be a medical pioneer patient. If no other tr...
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