New class of pain killer to target niche requirement

New class of pain killer to target niche requirement

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Effective pain management is crucial for many of these patients but unfortunately pain is still a subject not well understood and often neglected by mainstream science and research. An increasing number of patients are in desperate need of a better and safer pain medication without the side effects, especially with the addiction potential of opioids.
28 Jul 2016 - General
It's good to hear that a new doorway has opened for the pharmaceutical industry to develop pain medications. Management of pain is one of the most crucial steps in treating a patient in distress. Presently, there are several well established analgesics that are fairly effective, but they all act on the several pain mediating pathways that have been discovered. New drugs are being developed in the same classes with increased potency, but there are times that all these pain killers are insuffi...
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This article was publish in June 2016 . The testcompounds attenuate pain behavior in a trigeminal irritant pain model that is known to rely on TRPV4 and TRPA1. Furthermore, theur novel dual-channel blocker inhibited inflammation and pain-associated behavior in a model of acute pancreatitis – known to also rely on TRPV4 and TRPA1. Their results illustrate proof of a novel concept inherent in their prototype compounds of a drug that targets two functionally-related TRP channels, and thus can be us...
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Pain is something that almost everyone can relate to and that many are afraid of. In the health care scenario, I believe that the relief of pain is something invaluable we can offer to patients, many of who are not just dealing with physical pain, but with emotional challenges as well. This discovery of new pain receptors, along with the ongoing research for drug compounds that target such sites, is quite a noteworthy pursuit. This study, In particular, is quite promising as the compound being d...
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