Singapore gov’t offers new scholarships to aspiring doctors, dentists

Singapore gov’t offers new scholarships to aspiring doctors, dentists

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Students who are studying medicine or dentistry in Singapore can apply for a new scholarship come September this year.
28 Jul 2016 - General
The concern is, these new scholar will probably be forced to take up family medicine, geriatric medicine or internal medicine. During my time, they offered scholarship for medical students who take up pathology. You will receive a salary and they pay your school fee. No one took up. The way they are going to bond you will probably take up most of your youth. It is not worth it as you will not get to choose the speciality you want to go into. Of course if you are very certain you want to go into ...
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There was no scholarships in medicine during our time in Singapore except for SAF regular doctors, PSC scholars and the most prestigious - President Scholar. NUS medicine used to only take the cream of the crops, even by getting straight As, you may not even secure a position in the competitive interview. This day and era, more medical schools are being set up and being a doctor is easier, though still difficult. Scholarships count as a way for incentive for people to take up medical school with...
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We have the same experience with scholarships in Manila. Medical scholarships offered by the government with bonds to serve provincial areas or rural areas as general practitioners. As far as I remember the bond is at least 3 years (not sure if I'm correct). Scholarship slots are limited and a lot of people apply for it without careful consideration. Although a scholar will gain a lot of experience in rural areas, he will also lose knowledge with regards to medical practice in well-equipped ...
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What do you all think? I believe this scholarship comes with very important caveat. Who on earth will not want to be a doctor. We use to reject very eligible candidates previously. However, now we are offering scholarship. Likely caveat will be to specialize as a family physician, internal medicine specialist or geriatrics. As a family physician myself, I feel that not all doctors will enjoy the job as it involves very intense patient loads but low patient satisfaction. The community do not see...
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