Cosmetic doctor gets 42 months' jail for molesting male patient and drugging him

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28 Jul 2016 - General

What a shame. A renowned aesthetic doctor, who was convicted last month of molesting a male doctor and administering stupefying drugs on the 33-year-old patient to commit the offence, was sentenced to 42 months' jail on Thursday (July 28). Tan Kok Leong, 50, was convicted after an 18-day trial of twice administering Dormicum and Rosiden on the Malaysian doctor in the course of a liposuction procedure at Oasia Hotel, Sinaran Drive, on July 5 and 6, 2013, and using criminal force to outrage his modesty on those two days. As for the outrage of modesty offences committed while the victim was sedated, the judge said an inference could be drawn that Tan had administered the stupefying drugs on July 5 and 6, 2013 to the victim with the intention of molesting him.The doctor-patient relationship between the two induced the victim to have unbridled trust in Tan and to believe that the latter was administering Dormicum for pain relief. Dr Tan had abused his relationship with the victim for his own gratification.More than 20 photographs were taken which were a "gross invasion of the victim's privacy. It was fortunate that Dr Gerald Tan, then Tan's partner at Life Source, discovered the photographs and immediately reported to the victim, who subsequently lodged a police report.There were numerous aggravating factors in this case. The offences were pre-meditated. The victim, who had regarded Tan as his mentor, was vulnerable and defenceless as a result of being sedated by Dr Tan. Dr Tan had not shown any remorse and subjected the victim to a series of scandalous allegations. The victim had stated that he suffered financially and psychologically as a result of the incident. The judge also said that Dr Tan had abused the victim's faith by sedating him in a hotel room where the procedure was done without proper monitoring, or resuscitative equipment available, which was inappropriate and extremely dangerous.


Yes it is really quit a shame. Recently there have been a spat of high profile criminal cases against doctors here and it put the whole spot light on the profession.Stigma like this will stay a long time and affect the overall trust the patients have on doctors. It is unfortunate that the victim is a doctor as well and given his age, he may be my friend. Initially, the victim did not know he was molested till shown the photos by the business partner of the perpetrator. Such nefarious criminal ac...
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