FDA to re-evaluate controversial gay blood ban

FDA to re-evaluate controversial gay blood ban

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The Food and Drug Administration seeks comment from the public as it reconsiders its blood donor policies for gay men.
28 Jul 2016 - General
This another very sensitive topic. Cries for equality would definitely bellow from this. I understand the need for more blood donors and that just because someone is gay doesn't automatically mean they are promiscuous and are riddled with STDs. What is being weighed here is the need for equality vs. the provision of clean donor blood. What is really more important here? Unless the FDA decides to up the screening of donor blood it is very clear on what is more important here. No malice intend...
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The FDA relies on data to craft policy, and because American researchers have not thoroughly studied a shorter deferral period for MSM, the agency instead looked to Australia, whose HIV epidemiology and blood screening systems are similar to those in the United States, according to Marks. In 2000, Australia replaced its own indefinite ban on MSM blood donations with a 12-month deferral for sexually active gay men. Australian researchers then studied millions of blood donors from the mid-1990s to...
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Arguments in favour of the ban include that MSM ('Men who have had sex with Men') are at the greatest risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and at a far greater risk than the heterosexual population. It is also argued that it is not feasible to take a detailed sexual history of every MSM who donates blood and there is a chance some infected blood could go undetected because of the window period between infection and detection.Arguments that have been made again...
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Although allowing the high-risk group (men who have sex with men) to donate blood will make blood more available to save lives, I do not agree with FDA's move to re-evaluate its blood donor recommendations. HIV infection is considered by the World Health Organization as a neglected disease. The economic and personal burden that HIV infection poses globally makes it difficult to manage. Despite all efforts by governments and international health organizations, the prevalence of HIV infection ...
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