Ice bucket challenge funds ALS breakthrough

Ice bucket challenge funds ALS breakthrough

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In conjunction with the 2nd anniversary of the ice bucket challenge, a breakthrough funded by the viral campaign has been made.
29 Jul 2016 - General
I didn't do the challenge either. I have several friends who were challenged to do so though. I enjoyed watching my fave celebrities take part of this awareness campaign. Though some critics were right to say that the essence was lost and that it became useless, generally it brought pretty good awareness on ALS. I have had several friends ask me what ALS was and I got to share with the more about this disease. Just the mere hashtag with ALS in it did help. Namely the celebrities who took par...
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When the ALS bucket challenge first broke social media, it was celebrities doing it and I initially did not know what it was for--I was caught with the sight of ABS under tight white shirts. Later on, ii discovered the true purpose for the phenomenon and it became widespread. I agree with most critics, these things are often doubtful. As a matter of fact, some participants failed to stress what their actions are for--so the message is often lost.

It is quite refeshing, then, to discove...
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