Around the world in Nursing salaries

Around the world in Nursing salaries

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There is a tendency for many nurses in both Singapore and Malaysia to look towards other countries for greener pastures, especially in terms of salary. If you are of these, do have a look at the salary range and compensations offered around the world, which hopefully will aid in your decision-making.
29 Jul 2016 - General
With nursing as my pre-med course I have a lot of friends in the nursing profession. Sorry to say this but the situation for our nurses here in the Philippines is abysmal. Most institutions give horrible pay. There are institutions who would pay their nurses around P5000 a month after taxes. Their hours go beyond the set work time as endorsements take longer and the work load is huge and they don't get compensated all too well. There are hospitals here of course who pay their nurses well wit...
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Such a shame for us nurses living in an Asian country not being well compensated. By the fact that the best nurses in the world is coming from Asia, we should be greatly compensated for us not to migrate in other foreign countries. This situation has no difference with us in the Philippines. Worst is after graduation, young nurses do volunteer jobs for months and even years without being paid just to have a certificate that they have experience. Some nurses are also forced to be in the said cont...
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To my fellow nurses, are you well compensated for the amount of work that you do? In this article, it did mention about United Kingdom's nurses salary of £2,092. I don't think this is an accurate amount as nurses who are newly hired or Band 5 registered nurses starts with an annual salary of £21,692 and will go up to £28,180 depending on the length of service. Monthly, the starting salary would just be around £1800 with still lots of deductions such as tax, national ...
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