Pharmacist Salaries: How competitive is Malaysia?

Pharmacist Salaries: How competitive is Malaysia?

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Recent changes have raised questions as to whether the pharmacy profession is still the best career choice to pursue and inevitably, one of the factors that comes into play would be salaries earned by pharmacists in Malaysia. So let’s delve into how our pharmacists fare in comparison to other countries with regards to income earned.
29 Jul 2016 - General
I’m not sure how to compare, but here in the Philippines, the salaries of pharmacies can even go lower than when RM 2,500 is converted to Philippine peso. Especially in some hospitals and community pharmacies, pharmacist salaries are not very competitive. Some chain pharmacies pay higher, though there are still some that offer a salary similar to those of independent pharmacies, and your chance to get a higher salary is to go for managerial or supervisory positions in chain drugstores. This has ...
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