Pharmacists, looking to up your salary? Make sure you are equipped with these skills

Pharmacists, looking to up your salary? Make sure you are equipped with these skills

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Over recent years there have been significant changes in the role of pharmacists in healthcare. In order to maintain the integrity of the profession, pharmacists must be recognised as health care providers and for their medical knowledge, and less focused on product dispensing and supplying. These new challenges have resulted in the need for pharmacists to acquire new skills and services.
29 Jul 2016 - General
Another comment I would like to highlight is I find It is such a pity that there is not a significant variation in salary amongst the scope of roles in pharmacy, neither is there a significant increment in salary with experience. These include community, hospital, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory affairs, compounding, locum etc. The work involved between roles differ and most will require specialised training on the job, yet there is not enough incentive in terms of pay to encourage pharmaci...
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I think that in many Asian countries, pharmacists are underutilized. It’s true that in the community setting, pharmacists are simply seen as people who dispense the medication, get your cash and give out change. Though we want to be able to give more to the patient, the fast-paced setting along with the patients’ (low) expectations of what our roles are supposed to be are barriers to us being able to reach out to patients with our knowledge and skills. I believe that if pharmacists are given a c...
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I think I have already stated my stand in the previous post that I also feel that pharmacists should be given the prescribing rights. And nurses should be empowered with more responsibilities. The healthcare workers are actually working very hard, sacrificing their own precious time to work, hence the responsibilities and monetary gains should be increased. What is disheartening is that after study for so many years, at the end of the day it makes no sense to work for a highly demanding professi...
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An issue I would personally love to advocate for the pharmacy profession. It is unfortunate that the majority of services pharmacists provide are free. Most of the time we offer free advice. Community pharmacists in Singapore are extremely under-utilised. Their duties seem to only involve over the counter medication prescribing and they barely have the time to thoroughly diagnose the situation. These days it seems to be more of a product request from the patient. The working conditions and fast-...
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