The wide scope of pharmacy practice can be beyond the dispensary

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29 Jul 2016 - General

There are many areas in the pharmacy industry where pharmacists can utilise their skills. One in particular that often falls under the radar are compounding pharmacists. With all the mass produced drugs now available, it is assumed compounding pharmacists are no longer viable. On the contrary, there will always be a place in patient care for compounding pharmacists. Their specialised skills in extemporaneous compounding and knowledge of chemical compatibilities makes them expert in customising medications, which is particularly useful in paediatric and veterinary medication. What are your thoughts on this niche area for pharmacists?

I believe that compounding pharmacists, though dwindling in number due to the numerous ready-to-use drug forms, can still play an integral role in today’s health care setting. Such roles are needed in large hospitals and community pharmacies where physicians may prescribe certain medications that require multiple components or a different dosage form. Common scenarios are when patients may require topical formulations of a drug that is only available orally. In addition to formulation techniques...
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