Something highly relatable and a must read for healthcare professionals. Are we too invested in our duty of care that we have neglected what is best for our own wellbeing?

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29 Jul 2016 - General

Are healthcare professionals getting work-life balance right? What are considered healthy work hours? I often ask myself if working longer hours equates to more productivity. This article answers most of my queries. What are your thoughts?

To answer your questions there: I think we do get an adequate work-life balance but not an ideal one. We obviously do not live in an ideal world but we need to get by with what we have. It is like the choice of building a career or building a family. You can have both but sacrifices have to be made. What is considered to be healthy working hours I would think is hours that does not disturb the need 8 hours of restful sleep every night and hours that at least give you time to relax at least twice...
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