What makes practices perform well?

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29 Jul 2016 - General

I often hear the question ‘what makes practices perform well?’ Why do some flourish while others lag? Some people seem disappointed when told all things being equal; the success of the practice is correlated to the effectiveness of the practice owner. Some people seem to be looking for a silver bullet or a magic pill. Of course, there is no such thing.

So what makes the difference? There is a saying that ‘success leaves clues’. It has been my observation that successful practice owners have great habits. I have observed that successful business owners tend to wake up early in order to get more focused work done before the working day begins. They focus on the highest payoff work first, and work within the team to note what is missing to increase productivity. So, what traits have you developed, willing or otherwise that serves you? Or what have you observed from business owners you have worked with?

I find business owners who are successful will do what need to be done fast and efficiently. When something needs to be done, they will not hesitate to do it promptly without much of a consideration for the amount of effort needed or difficulties they may face along the way. This is not just about business decision but about health and social life as well. I know of this very successful chairman of a group of company, when told about his hyperlipidemia, he bought a thread mill the next day, skip...
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I would there are a lot of factor that will make some certain practice perform better than the competitor. The most important aspect wills the leadership within the practice itself. The practice’s business owner or the manager in charge should have a good leadership skill, to lead, unite and direct the team, setting daily or weekly or monthly target to be met, and constantly encourage and support the team players. He/she should ensure that the workers are happy working for the company and ...
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