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29 Jul 2016 - General

I would like to pick your brains on the topic of surgery books. If we weren't book worms by choice we are now book worms by force. In my medical school we learned that the bibles of surgery were "Schwartz Principles of Surgery" and "Sabiston Textbook of Surgery". Since these books are humongous and cannot be easily digested, around clerkship up to the boards we were told good reviewers were any Absite Surgery books. It is always good to read the textbook, despite the lengthiness of it, but review books are good as well as they are concise and easy reads go to books. 

What books would you recommend to General Surgery Residents?

What are your Surgical books of choice?

Hi everyone. I've been a surgery resident and here are my top 5 recommendations for aspiring surgeons:

1. Schwartz Principles of Surgery - In the Philippines, this textbook is still the basic reference for in-training exams given annually by the local surgical board. It is lengthy and studies are sometimes outdated but it explains basic surgical concepts that a surgical resident should know.
2. Zollinger's Atlas of Surgical Operations - Of course newbie residents are at the ...
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Bailey And Love's Short Practice Of Surgery was the holy bible of surgery in my medical school when we were medical students. But the book was so big and extra descriptive that I never really had a chance to read the properly. For revision of human anatomy we had a few reference text books, but my favorites were Grant's Atlas of Anatomy for anatomical illustrations and McMinn and Abrahams' Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy for photographs. Grants had all the structures nicely drawn and...
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