Wearing high-heeled shoes associated with cancer – expert says

Wearing high-heeled shoes associated with cancer – expert says

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Constantly wearing high-heeled shoes, such as stilettos, has been found to increase the risk of cancer. Experts say its use triggers consistent low-level inflammation associated with certain diseases like heart disease, and most notably cancer.
30 Jul 2016 - General
I had a dig a bit to find.."how does wearing high heeled shoes cause cancer??" find it casually added towards the end "And anything that hinders the DNA-repair system could increase the risk for cancer, Dr Agus stressed." Ok I could understand how that makes sense but that is a far cry. I stopped wearing high heels on a daily basis for almost a decade now. It hurt my back and it just didn't make sense given my lifestyle. Now for the comments of the men so far in this ...
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I thought the headline is an April Fool joke. I do not know what to make of it. I hope no patient of mine will read it and start asking me about wearing high heel and the usual symptoms they are experiencing in themselves. They may start asking me how high is high on the heel. Next we will get no undies as it can cause compression of the groin resulting in increase risk of tissue ischemia and inflammation. No seat beat , no lip stick, no belt , no tie and soon we will evolve back to Flintstone ...
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Ladies, no more high-heeled shoes ??!! It was already known that high-heeled shoes can be associated with hammer toes, muscle fatigue, and osteoarthritis. But the association of wearing it to cancer is without a doubt a shocking news. The postulated pathway behind it was the on-going low-level inflammation (caused by wearing high-heeled shoes), can result in tissue damage throughout the body, and the body DNA repair system can be disturbed , hinders its ability for repair system, hence increase...
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