Early bedtime for preschoolers the less risk of teen obesity

Early bedtime for preschoolers the less risk of teen obesity

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It’s a challenge for most families – getting kids to sleep early, especially preschoolers. By early, that means before 9 o’clock. Experts actually recommend bedtime by eight p.m. Paediatrician Marc Weissbluth explains it best why children need to turn in early – the earlier they go to bed, the more restorative the sleep.
30 Jul 2016 - General
I thought this should be an article published in The Journal Of Pediatrics,2016 Jul 8. pii: S0022-3476(16)30361-4. , Bedtime in Preschool-Aged Children and Risk for Adolescent Obesity. The conclusion of the study was preschool-aged children with early weekday bedtimes were one-half as likely as children with late bedtimes to be obese as adolescents. Bedtimes are a modifiable routine that may help to prevent obesity. :
One-quarter of preschool-aged children had early bedtimes (8:00 p.m. or ea...
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Risk of obesity will be increased in the kids who sleep later. And we know that obesity will be associated with a lot of negative health consequences. It suggests that the best bedtime for the kids is by around 8 pm. Those kids whose sleeping time after 9pm will have higher risk of obesity. But, is it feasible to always get the kids to go to sleep on time everyday around 8pm ??? I don’t think is that easy, with all the distraction of television programme, computer, ipad and etc. Setting up a ro...
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