If the election was a TV ratings war, Donald Trump would be US President right now

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30 Jul 2016 - General

There are more TV audience watching Donald Trump's nomination accepatance speech (32.2 million), comparing to Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech (29.8 million). The Republican Vs. Democrats contest is formally began. The public may be more interested in Trump's speech, that can be quite entertaining at time !! Will anticipate that this will be one of the most interesting U.S president campaign ever. I felt this will be a very close fight between Trump and Clinton. Is hard to predict who will become the winner eventually.  Donald Trump may potentially become the next president of U.S.  Do you "enjoy" most of the speeches delivered by Donald Trump ?? Do you think will win the race?


Yes, is too early to call it a day. Many people do attracted to Donald Trump’s interesting speech. The unpredictability, the controversy, highly powerful speech from Trump may be the factor. No one gave him a chance from the very beginning, and he defied the odds, and now is just a last battle for the most influential position in the world. I agree that the election forecast still showing Clinton is leading Trump, but the election forecast is not always correct. We have a the most recent histor...
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Many anticipated that Clinton’s acceptance speech would garner more viewers than Trump because every other night of the Democratic National Convention had higher ratings than the associated night of the Republican National Convention. It’s hard to know if the higher TV ratings will have any impact on the polls, or if more people simply wanted to turn out for the speaker who has been running. There election forecasts like the New York Times show Clinton leading Trump in the polls, but others sho...
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