It's official: Apple has sold a billion iPhones

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30 Jul 2016 - General

Apple has reached a great milestone of selling a billion of iPhones, since it was launched more than 9 years ago. The latest version for iPhone now is iPhone 6s, with possibilty of iPhone 7 be launched in september this year. It is a great acheivement. Apple iPhone is 1 of the most popular smart phone around. Samsung will always be its close rival. Personally I alwasy use iPhones, maybe due to the fact that I am too used to it already, and it is user friendly. What do you think about the comparison between Samsung Vs iPhone ?? Which one you prefer over? How about many other smart phones around that you may consider ?


I tried android and prefer apple. Though I do like the fact that android phones have expandable memories and that I could do more things on it. I kept my Samsung S4 active and use it now to play games on. I am a very organized perfectionist type individual (if I were a psychiatric disease I would be OCD) and I definitely prefer the interface of the iphone. There are jokes going around how apple doesn't really add any huge improvements to their phones but since the commercials are presented i...
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May I iphone continue to do well. I really believe in Iphone. As least it has so far been proven to be much more resistant to malicious attacks that android. I also like the way it organize itself with the music , video, photos and cloud storage. Save me the hassle of organizing music album and moving things to cloud storage. The resale value of the iphone is also much better. It is a shame Steve Jobs is no longer around. He understand what a human will want and buy. Instead of following the tre...
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