Have You Ever Been Bullied at Work?

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30 Jul 2016 - General

Nearly half of obstetrics and gynecology consultants in the United Kingdom said they were persistently bullied or undermined on the job. While the majority of aggression originated at the top from people like lead clinicians, medical directors, and executives, about 12% of the consultants also complained of “upward bullying” from their juniors. Male and female survey respondents reported feeling pushed around in about equal numbers. As for the perpetrators, about 37% were men and 28% were women.

The most common intimidation behaviors mentioned included persistent belittling of a physician’s work, unjustified criticism, and undervaluing effort. Most of those who reported harassment said their tormentor seemed to act independently but that bullying was common in the workplace.When I was a houseman I remembered been asked by a sadistic registrar to memories the sodum level of all patients in the ward before been allowed to go home. Not surprisingly he got a reprisal from the department head when waves of complaints came in about his behavior. Have you been bullied by your senior?

"unjustified criticism"- I have experienced this type of work place bullying starting way back from my Nursing days so I have become quite callus towards being bullied. Words don't seem to get to me as much anymore but when pushed to do mounds of scut work is when I break down. That is horrible how that registrar made you memorize sodium levels of all the patients in the ward so that you could go home. What exactly would that do? Hierarchy and power tripping are at the top of my li...
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