Medications that affect male sexual performance

Medications that affect male sexual performance

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Most medication can cause side effects which range from drowsiness to nausea to diarrhoea. In fact, in case of overdose or improper prescriptions, drugs can even lead to death. Skip a pill for a good night with the wife or wake up the next day with a headache?
30 Jul 2016 - General
ED may have psychogenic or organic causes. In many patients the disorder is of mixed aetiology, with both
factors present. The psychogenic component of ED is especially important in younger men. Common disease in the elderly e.g. diabetics and vascular disease, play an important part and more than half of men aged over 50 years have ED secondary to vascular disease.The medication background of the patient needs to be noted. Do you ask about ED in your regular primary care health screening? T...
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