Winning a child’s heart: 7 ways how

Winning a child’s heart: 7 ways how

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We may have noticed how some of our healthcare professional peers handle children so effortlessly. Are they offering more than just candies? Join us as we uncover some of their winning secrets.
30 Jul 2016 - General
I used to really hate pediatrics patients. They will literally kick you, punch you and they can scream so loudly you can feel the world room trembling. Over the years I have my own strategy. Children are just scared of you. I will treat the entire consultation as playtime. When they walk in I will put on my biggest smile and greet them. I will praise them be it their dress, shoes or the toy they are carrying. I will always ask them their age , their job and whether they are married. A few times ...
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Treating children is always interesting. In the multi-specialty clinic I work for, my fellow dentists pass all their Pediatric patients to me--I'm not even a Pedia dentist. I'm the youngest and they always want to bully me. Haha. Anyway, treatment with a child could go either way, so I prepare myself for both the good and the bad. But yes, I certainy agree with all the 7 points in this article because this is what I practice too.

One time I even played Minecraft with a child wh...
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