7 ways to build a productive doctor-patient relationship

7 ways to build a productive doctor-patient relationship

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There may be numerous reasons why people choose to stick to one particular doctor, but the most prominent and primary reason is the bond that is formed and exists between doctor and patient. These 7 tips can make all the difference in the way your relationships with your patients evolve.
30 Jul 2016 - General
A productive relationship with doctors can somehow help the patient commit with his or her treatment. I was once became a patient. So, I had this experience where I was referred to a specialist. It was a nice feeling that my new doctor addressed me in my first name with a smile. :) Like you can feel that she's there willing to help, to listen and to treat your ailments. Yes, a little action can actually be a memorable one. I have this one experience during my duty days where the doctor ask t...
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I have patients who came to me initially because of their HMOs or I have patients who did so because they live/work near the clinic. When these patients' companies change insurance policies or they move to a different place, and still make a decision to come to me, I smile. Several times I parents tell me that they took their child to another dentist and he/she refused because they only want to be treated by me and that warms my heart because it means I've done something right. Of course...
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I have met few doctors who are sometimes rude to their patients or get angry when the patients or their relatives try to ask their doubts. The patients are even sometimes afraid to express themselves completely. A doctor-patient relationship is one of the most important parts of the treatment. I feel that doctors must make their patients comfortable so that they can express their problems; and apart from this, it is also helpful for the doctors as, if the disease condition is correctly diagnosed...
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