The mathematical formula that causes your headphones to tangle

The mathematical formula that causes your headphones to tangle

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With iPhone 7, Apple could be about to solve one of the most annoying things about mobile phones: The way your earbud headphones always get tangled in knots when you're not using them.
30 Jul 2016 - General
Yeah the cable in my HTC phone is flat rather than round like a rope. And it does make a difference compared to regular cables. I tend to have less knots in the earphone when I take it out from my pocket after a long day. When there are knots, it is easier to untie when the cable is flat too. Yeah I agree with you. Phone manufacturers should give us the freedom to decide what earphone we want to use with the handset. They can either lower the price tag so we can purchase the earphone we like, or...
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Now I understand why there is no way to prevent my earphone from knotting . I have since switched to blue tooth headphone and ear phone, The only problem is, you have to charge them and they are relatively expensive, However, they are really great to have especially when you intend to do some exercise of sports with them. The next iphone should really not have a ear phone at al. EAr phone should come separtely while the phone should be cheaper without the ear phone, We should be allowed to choo...
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Take your earphones out from the pocket or bag to listen to some soothing music to relax, only to find that you need to spend the next 5 minutes untwisting and untangling the knots that has been put by god knows who. I think this is an experience that all of us have had. The guys at apple, trying to be smarter as always, has actually found a mathematical relationship between the cord length and the probability of the earphones getting knotted. And they plan to eliminate this in their new generat...
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