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31 Jul 2016 - General

As a GP in a Kuala Lumpur Central Business District, I get a fair number of foreign workers (FWs) seeking outpatient treatment at my clinic. With this group of patients my clinic assistants have a hard time registering them. The problems we face are:

1. Many FWs carry false names on their documents that are often given by their agents. They do forget these names on repeat visits, giving clinic staff a hard time tracing their old records. Imagine a frequent question at the counter: "What was your previous name?"

2. Most Bangladeshi FWs are born on 1st January. This is a reflection of poor birth records in their homeland. Year of birth is second-guessed.

3. Often, FWs do not have their own documents and use their friend's or other FWs documents for clinic visits. So you get the same name, same passport number and company address but different patients. This is a mockery of our immigration and home affairs administration.

4. The passport age and biological age is often a mismatch. As there is an age limit on employment here, many go back to Bangladesh, falsify their particulars and return with new birth dates. Relevant Bangladesh authorities credible? Passport says 23 years, man is actually 52 years! He looks 52 though he has dyed his hair jet black.

5. The Malaysian issued FW identification document has particulars in Font size so small that a magnifying glass is of little help.

I am sure many others have faced similar problems. The deep rot in FW management (or mis-management) is so evident in our practices. 


It seems like is a great trouble to register, keep track and record for those foreign workers with so many false names, unmatchable date of birth. I would say it is impossible to keep a good record if the same visiting patient keeps on returning to clinic with different name, different date of birth. It is interesting that someone with 52 years old, can be registered as 23 years old in the passport. Can’t believe that such thing actually happen!! Given such a problem, I would say it is better...
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