Dengue vaccine trials at Singapore General Hospital

Dengue vaccine trials at Singapore General Hospital

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The Singapore General Hospital and the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School faced their obstacles in 2012 when they could not find sufficient participants for a potential dengue vaccine, Celgosivir. The National Medical Research Council had previously given a grant of S$1.6 million to the Singapore General Hospital to research and carry out clinical trials for the antiviral drug and another disease-modifying drug called Modipafant which is aimed at increasing platelets.
31 Jul 2016 - General

It is great to know that there is a new progress of developing a new tetravalent vaccine against dengue infection, with the hope that it will be much better than first dengue vaccine – Dengvaxia which is less than effective against 2 common serotypes of dengues. But, it is still early in the progress of clinical trials, which is Phase II trial, and hence there will be a lot more clinical information to be gathered prior to any conclusion. So, it is hard to know by now whether this will ou...
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It’s exciting to know that the war against dengue is still being waged by developing new vaccines against it. Even more exciting is the fact that these studies are closer to home, as many Asian countries are hit the hardest by the rapidly multiplying number of dengue cases. Hopefully, clinical trials go smoothly (and quickly) and prove that this new drug will be an effective weapon in the war against this virus. In our locality alone, there has been an alarming outbreak here in our area, with de...
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