Doctors and unity

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31 Jul 2016 - General

Last year, with the threat of Dispensing Separation hanging over general practices, something happened that would have been hard to imagine just a few years back.

That something was UNITY. At a meeting with the Pharmaceutical Services Division in March 2015, the various doctor groups forged a united stand against a diabolically concieved proposed Pharmacy Act or Rang Undang Undang Farmasi (RUUF),  that would tear across the fabrics of a home-grown matured Malaysian General Practice. 

That single show of united strength by the doctors gave fruit to favourable decisions in a May 9th announcement in 2016 for the profession, with regards to the proposed Act, much to the dismay of the pharmacists. 

It was the first time that FPMPAM, MMA, PERDIM and MPCAM, came together, put aside their differences, and drafted a Memorandum on the RUUF. That has spurred greater co-operation and augurs well for the future of the profession. Who would have thought that a separation scheme would bring together a togetherness scheme!?