Strange changes in behaviour may be the first sign of dementia

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31 Jul 2016 - General

Dementia is a progessive disease, affecting the elderly population,  causing on-going deterioration of memory, intellectual, language, and social skill. Currently, there is no cure for dementia. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a mild form of memory problem, will increase the risk of subsequent dementia. As the article has pointed out, short term memory loss may not be the first sign for dementia, the changes in behaviour or personality may be an earlier sign of dementia. Early diagnosis may help to detect some possible reversible causes that can improve symtpoms.  People with dementia can experrience depression, agitation, and some other neuropsychiatric features as well. . 

In my practice, if i have the clinical suspicion of dementia, I perform the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA). This is more superior than Mini–mental state examination (MMSE) that is also used for the detection of cognitive impairment. MoCA testing is a rapid screening test that is designed to detect mild cognitive impairment. It tests various cognitive domains such as attention and concentration, executive functions, memory, language, visuo-constructional skills, conceptual thinking, calcul...
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Yes, there a few different form of dementia like Alzheimer disease, Dementia with Lewy bodies, Frontotemporal dementia, Vascular (multi-infarct) dementia, and Parkinson disease with dementia. Will agree that there will be slightly different presentation for different type of dementia, and the assessment may require a few follow up clinic, involvement of Geriatrician colleague in the diagnosing , and management process. Cholinesterase inhibitor can be used for patients with mild to moderate Alzh...
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What form of dementia? Is it more like fronto-temporal demential which is characterized by personality change and profound alteration in social conduct and associated with bilateral atrophy of the frontal and anterior temporal lobes? Sounds like the behavioural changes mentioned in the article is worse than mild cognitive impairment. How can they confirm the mentioned patients are going to progress to dementia if they mention these patient did not even have mild cognitive impairment? How is the ...
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