Pokémon Go and its associated dangers

Pokémon Go and its associated dangers

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Pokémon Go has been praised for its health benefits such as encouraging social interaction and exercise, however several countries have cautioned their citizens about the adverse effects of playing the game. Since the release of Pokémon go earlier this month, users in the United States, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, amongst others, have gotten into car accidents, been robbed and stumbled upon dead bodies in rivers as their attention had been compromised by the app.
31 Jul 2016 - General
Pokemon Go is a new global addiction now. It is on the news all over the new, and a lot of people are really into it. Everything always has its pros and cons, and we just need to weight the balance of it. Encouragement of outdoor activities, social interaction, and exercise (walking or running around to catch a pokemon), will definitely improve general physical health and fitness. And it will help to alleviating anxiety and depression also. But, we shouldn’t be too addicted to it. There were so...
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