Pokémon Go: man quits job to become full-time Pokémon hunter

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31 Jul 2016 - General

To follow up with the Pokemon Go global sensation, someone in New Zealand did actually quit his regular job to become a full time pokemon hunter, and see the world !!! He took multiple bus trips around New Zealand, stop by every single places, to hunt down all the pokemons. Some transport companies even offered to bring him to remote place to hunt for rare pokemon.  Is seem like a great adventure for him, and it is wonderful break that he was dreaming of after 6 years of work. I do respect him to have such a great courage to do so, and will support him. Will anyone over here do what he was doing, with the brave decision to take a adventurous break ??  

Good that you enjoyed it but I sincerely hope you will keep your limits and don't get too addicted to the game to the point of quitting your job! :D I have not tried the game yet. I don't even know if it is available in the country yet. Simply, I don't want anything about this game get near me because I'm so freaking scared that I will one day want to install it and see how the game is. I have a history of severe gaming addictions that were very hard to get rid of. At the moment ...
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Haha, @Theekshana Abayawickrama, you are absolutely right, we have no choice but have to work. Yes, there lots of interesting news about Pokemon Go. Full admiration to the man who quit his job, and goes hunting for Pokemons, I am sure he has sufficient funding to do so. I did tried out the Pokemon Go this morning, and it is actually quite entertaining, and I did walk around in a nice park for an hour to hunt for Pokemons, and there are so many other people doing so as well!! I can see how peopl...
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Every passing day we hear more and more amusing news about this new game, Pokemon GO. At least I am happy that this time it's not about a pedestrian hitting on a motor car or a child breaking an arm after a fall. Well, if I had the money to live the rest of my life worry free, I would have quit my job a long time ago. Not to go hunt pokemon, but to stay home and have a relaxing life. But unfortunately we have responsibilities to fulfil and families to take care of so most of us are not fort...
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