This new gel patch unleashes a 'triple attack' on tumours

This new gel patch unleashes a 'triple attack' on tumours

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A new anti-cancer hydrogel patch appears to hit tumours with a highly targeted, three-pronged volley of drugs, researchers have found.
31 Jul 2016 - General
This discovery sounds truly amazing! What makes new drug development exciting is that you can also innovate on better, more efficient drug delivery methods and still use current drugs. A lot of existing drugs in the commercial market need only to be tweaked or modified to come up with newer drugs, and the same is true with their dosage form or the way the drug is delivered into the body. In this case, such an innovation will undoubtedly find its way as a staple in colon cancer treatment. Hopeful...
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Every day we see a new advancement in cancer therapy, and this new invention is way too complicated than development of a chemotherapeutic agent. Scientists have developed an anti-cancer hydrogel patch that can distinguish cancer cells from normal somatic cells and launch a specifically targeted attack against the cancer cells. The patch is said to be having 3 steps of actions. It is like a 3 wave attack in the battlefield. As the first step, the patch releases tiny gold nanorods 'designed t...
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