Researchers show alcohol can impact how happy couples are

Researchers show alcohol can impact how happy couples are

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There's no shortage of scientific research highlighting the risks of consuming too much alcohol , but a new study suggests at least some good can come from enjoying a drink… or going teetotal, for that matter.
31 Jul 2016 - General
As I see it, this basically falls under "having things in common" and "enjoying one's company". It's like if you enjoy Chinese food but you discover that your partner hates it the most---will that mean you will stop going to Chinese restaurants or find new companions to enjoy it with? I drink and I find it a good thing that I do because it's nice to drink with my partner because it is often a good time to talk and just have fun together, whether if you do it as a ...
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Drinking makes couples happier? Well I thought otherwise. The drinking habits between men and women is different in different parts of the world. But where I'm from, women are not encouraged to take alcohol. In fact women who take alcohol are looked down upon. The situation is slowly changing with urbanization, but still a significant majority doesn't take alcohol. So drinking habits in men have often lead to arguments and home violence. But I think that is the other extreme end of drink...
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