This woman lived 24 years without knowing she was missing her entire cerebellum

This woman lived 24 years without knowing she was missing her entire cerebellum

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Back in 2014 , doctors in China were shocked when they discovered that a 24-year-old woman was living without her cerebellum, a vital section of the brain that holds up to 50 percent of a person’s total neurons.
31 Jul 2016 - General
If the rest of the brain can adapt to the functions of the entire cerebellum, why do human's need one in the first place. Why was there ever was a cerebellum in the long process of evolution. I find it really hard to understand. The human body is so amazing, and it is confusing like crazy at the same time. I did a bit of reading, and apparently there is a condition called cerebellar agenesis. Agenesis of the cerebellum itself is not fatal, but it is said to severely affect the developmental...
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Yes, as I was beginning to read, I was thinking that the body has interconnecting and and very complicated nerve networks all over the body that bring about sensory and motor function. True enough, since she probably lost it at an early age or never had a cerebellum all her life, then her body was able to cope with the loss. Hence, she just had delayed motor and speech functions, but eventually developed it. The article says that her pace is still unsteady, but she is basically normal, so it is ...
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Recently we discussed about a man who lived a normal life after having lost 90% of his brain matter due to a progressively worsened hydrocephalus that had gone unnoticed. The man had been symptomless for a very long time until he presented to the doctor with the complaint of a mild weakness in one of his legs. A similar case is reported in China, when a 24-year-old female was found to have lived a normal life without a cerebellum, which is said to contain '50 percent of a person’s total neur...
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