Nurse creates app to assist mom and newborn bonding

Nurse creates app to assist mom and newborn bonding

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A nurse and parenting expert, Jen Hamilton, pioneered an app which aims to help new mums by giving them bite-size tips on how to bond with their newborns in the initial months. Inspiration for the app came about after a study showed that almost 60 percent of mothers do not instantly connect with their newborns.
31 Jul 2016 - General
I don't see a need in this app. Honestly, how did our mothers took care of us and bonded with us those days?
They didn't live in a high tech world with the luxury of opening an app to bond with us. But we still bonded well with our parents and there has never been an issue about it. To me this is just a publicity stunt and another way for her to generate income for herself.

Although some mothers are new and does not know how to bond with their baby but these new mothers ins...
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"She took inspiration from a study that showed almost 60 percent of new moms did not instantly bond with their babies and developed an app that aims to do just that - help make the connection through bite-size tips. " Yes, the developer may have taken inspiration from the study and I'm sure she has no other other intentions but help the others who she thinks may want to use or may need to use this WOT app. Not everyone would agree using this app, as it is just making us more rigid ...
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Seems like there really is an app for everything! In this case, however, its a good thing that such an app exists to encourage mother-baby bonding. Though many would say that it is actually mother’s instinct that is needed and that such an app isn’t really necessary, I think that this app will probably be helpful, especially for first time moms. I actually wonder how the app works, and how it will be able to track baby’s developments and use this information to encourage bonding. Any ideas? I’m...
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