Experts warn athletic girls about female athlete triad syndrome

Experts warn athletic girls about female athlete triad syndrome

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Sporty teenage girls driven to intense training sessions but who limit their calorie intake are in danger of developing a condition known as female athlete triad syndrome, sports medicine experts warn. The conditions that make up the syndrome are eating disorders, amenorrhoea, and weak bones.
1 Aug 2016 - General
"Experts in sports medicine have raised concerns about teenage girls heavily into sports but who limit their calorie intake in spite undergoing intense training sessions."- Ok I think I am safe as I am not a teenager anymore. hehe Anyway kidding aside this truly should be watched out for as when a person is dedicated to sports they have this determination to whatever it takes to be the best. Being competitive can be healthy as it promotes self-esteem and self-discipline and these athle...
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Wow. Interesting read because I do this a lot. I mean, I do have a lot of calorie-binges, because I do not really get to workout as much as I do, but I don't eat rice. This will be an issue if I get to exercise all week because that will mean I will slave about 1-3 hours in the gym, but I wont be supplied with enough calories. Good thing, I have a lot of rest days, so I'm safe. But a few years ago I used to exercise more than I eat because I burn all of it in the gym. I used to calorie-c...
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I think the femal athlete triad syndrome is no longer known as such, Given the evolution of science since 1992, and to more accurately describe the clinical syndrome originally known as the Female Athlete Triad, the IOC introduced a more comprehensive, broader term: Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport.The syndrome of RED-S refers to impaired physiological functioning caused by relative energy deficiency, and includes but is not limited to impairments of metabolic rate, menstrual function, bone h...
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