Cranberry compounds good for health

Cranberry compounds good for health

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Cranberry is a native of North America, and is popularly associated with the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Aside from making it into cranberry sauce for holiday meals, these red berries can also be incorporated in the diet by mixing it with nuts and seeds to make a trail mix, frozen to make a smoothie, added to oatmeal and cereals, and included in bread, cookie and other dessert recipes.
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I have only tried cranberries in their dried form, since it doesn’t grow well here in our country. I’ve never seen a fresh one yet. I think most of the cranberry supplies here are imported from the US. Cranberry does seem to be very promising as a superfood, and is also very flexible. You can eat it by itself as a snack, mix it with nuts, add it to your cereals and oatmeal, and even make smoothies out of it. I’ve also tried taking cranberry juice, especially at the time when I had UTI, and it di...
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Yes Theekshana. Cranberry indeed has a lot of benefits. However most of what I mentioned are in vitro studies. Not sure if it can really make a difference in vivo. I am not sure if it can be grown in my backyard but it is available in the supermarket. Cranberry taste dry with a slight tinge of sweetness and sourness. Much alike sweet dry wine without the alcohol. It taste good with cereal and yogurt or when embedded in pastry.

From this forum, my eating habit has improved. Now I am tak...
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Cranberry research. It sounds very interesting when you put it like that. Haha :D Thanks for the information. It is simply amazing how a regular fruit that grows in your back yard can do that much wonders to the body. Most of the stuff we ingest today, food preservatives, colorings, fast food, over the counter medications, energy drinks.. They are harmful for the gastrointestinal flora. That weakens the immunity if kids and people present with recurrent gastrointestinal infection. Having a cranb...
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Recent advances in cranberry research have expanded the evidence for the role of this Vaccinium berry fruit in modulating gut microbiota function and cardiometabolic risk factors. The A-type structure of cranberry proanthocyanidins seems to be responsible for much of this fruit's efficacy as a natural antimicrobial. Cranberry proanthocyanidins interfere with colonization of the gut by extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli in vitro and attenuate gut barrier dysfunction caused by dietary...
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