Treating Your Parents

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1 Aug 2016 - General

As young (and idealistic) students, we all fantasized about finally earning our degrees and titles to finally practice our profession, so that we could treat our parents. I always told my mom and dad, "When I'm a dentist..." 

But parents are often the hardest to treat. I have a friend who sends her mom and dad to me, because she ends up fighting with her mom (whenever she's on the chair). Another friend sent her mom to me, for an emergency treatment as their family home is nearer my clinic, and she hinted that I should try to convince her mom to finally have her crowns changed (because she couldn't). I haven't gone as far as sending my parents to my friends, but it's never a delight to treat them. 

When my father was alive and he's in the clinic for a procedure, he's the dentist and I'm just like a puppet. We always argue about which way to go because he'd insist on what he wants and when I try to explain, "But Papa..." He'll interrupt me and say, "Exactly, I am your father". Of course I miss him bullying me now, but parents are one of the hardest to treat. Do not mistake me, I love treating them, but it's always an entertaining few hours. 

What about you? 




This always leaves us in conundrum! Our parents who paid (for most) our tuition fees to help us become healthcare professionals are unbelievably hardest to convince. I remember one such encounter with my late father. I was having fever due to viral illness at that time. Taking cold fluids was the only way I could tolerate gulping 4 liters of water for the day. My father stepped in the way while I was heading for the fridge. Then, he went to compare my body to a car engine with his clever analogy...
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On my I extracted a tooth on my mom and she was like, "Wow, you did it so well" And I wanted to laugh because it was like she couldn't believe I could do it. Parents are really funny! Even worse, too, is when my mom asks me how much I would charge for a treatment she needed and I'd tell her, "Why are you asking me that? Of course I wont be charging you mom!"

@Marinelle, I get you there. I have pending treatments with my mom that I've been bugging her abo...
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I like to treat my mum. I did my first botulinium toxin, filler, facelift , chemical peel on my mum. My family members are all my guinea pigs and they are fine with it because I treat them with the most caution. However, when it comes to certain issues, things are not that straightforward. For example, my auntie's GP told her she may have a breast lump and my mum asked me to examine her. While from a professional point of view, there is nothing awkward in that but I cannot help feeling very ...
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My mom drives me crazy sometimes! Of course I could not treat her since I don't have a license yet, but there are specifications in her diet due to some illnesses that she just does not follow. At first I always remind her politely that this and that food is not good for her, but she would say, "But I will only eat a little" or "This is the only food I like". Sometimes I feel like I'm policing her with her diet and lifestyle. She also would sometimes ask for my opinio...
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