How can I stay better informed about drugs? Is there a reliable website FDA recommends?

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1 Aug 2016 - General
Same here, I also thought you were asking a question. I came here to give you an answer, but there you have an answer yourself. :D Well, The most reliable source of drug information for me is the British national formulary (BNF) It is frequently updated and has almost all the information a doctor needs for prescription of drugs. For a quick revision of the drugs, such as their mechanisms of action and strength of preparations I refer to medscape or They also contain reliable informati...
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Upon reading your post title, I was made to think that you are asking for a suggestion as to what resources to use. But it looks like you have got suggestions yourself. I found the resources you have mentioned to be reliable. To add into your list, MIMS is good for updated information as well. Where I used to work, our nurses' station has its own MIMS drug book where we can readily access if we are stuck with a certain medication. I am looking forward for other users reply as well. I am actu...
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