Dads’ fat-rich diet ups future daughters’ breast cancer risk

Dads’ fat-rich diet ups future daughters’ breast cancer risk

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Most people think what they consume only affects their body. Well, here's some news for men, especially fathers or those planning to have kids in the future - what you eat will likely impact on your future daughter's health. Specifically, research is suggesting that dads whose main diet consists of fatty foods increase their daughter's risk of breast cancer.
2 Aug 2016 - General
In general, high fat diet is not good for health, as it will usually lead to increased body mass index, and lots of adverse health consequences due to it. This is an interesting animal model study that showed male rats with high-intake of fat in the diet, will lead to their female offspring to develop breast tumour at a faster rate. There are changes in the microRNA and protein expression in the male fats (with high fat intake) and their female offspring. But, this is only an animal model stu...
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Aside from the increased risk for cardiovascular disease, here is yet another reason to hate fat (and adapt a healthy diet), especially for fathers. Though the study in this article only used 60 rats as samples, the female offspring’s predisposition to developing breast tumors more easily is somewhat alarming. I wonder if the parents’ fat intake increases the risk only for breast cancer, or could also possibly lead to other types of cancers and other diseases as well? Also, I wonder how this is,...
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