Herbal supplement ingredients to watch out for

Herbal supplement ingredients to watch out for

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The popularity of natural products is becoming more widespread. It is common to find supplements in the market, which contain natural ingredients such as herbs, that claim to have effects beneficial to health.
2 Aug 2016 - General
"consumers are advised to read information regarding the products proper use or dosage. Consulting a doctor or pharmacist is likewise recommended, in particular on the aspect of safety."---again this circles us back to just because its "all natural" or herbal does not mean its safe. All our drugs undergo trials to prove their efficacy and their safety for consumption. People need to be educated more about this especially those on maintenance medications who mix this up with h...
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Nowadays, a lot of people are keen to take the natural supplement, which can be bought from local herbal health shop, to improve their health or for some specific reason. Some of the natural herbal supplement may be good for health, but not all of them are entirely safe to be taken. We must know that some of the natural herbal ingredient may potentially cause the adverse side effect on our body. The public should be aware about the potential side effects of certain natural herbal medicine befor...
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