Health benefits of Matcha green tea

Health benefits of Matcha green tea

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Japanese noble warriors, the Samurai, were known to drink Matcha green tea before heading off to battle. It was their energy drink. While Matcha, which literally translates to “powdered tea,” contains caffeine, it is the combination of other nutrients that made it excellent for enhancing energy and endurance, all essential to winning battles.
2 Aug 2016 - General
For serving green tea, there are two prominent methods: steeping the leaf or the powdered leaf (matcha style) in hot water. There are chemical and functional differences before and after the powdering process of green tea leaf, since powdered green tea may contribute to expanding the functionality because of the different ingesting style. IThe powdering process with a ceramic mill and stirring in hot water increased the average extracted concentration of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) by more t...
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Now this is just one of the informative roots of Matcha green tea. I've come to cross about this popular matcha green tea over cakes, ice creams and tea around the city. Everyones's crazy about this most especially when the time Mcdonals have tried to have this flavoured matcha green tea sundae, it's always out of stock! This magificent tea has so much to tell which has surprised me as being used as an energy drink by the Japanese colonies prior to war wayback then. This has become s...
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