5 Important Qualities looked for in Head Nurse

5 Important Qualities looked for in Head Nurse

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Being a head nurse or nurse manager comes with large responsibilities and commitments. In addition to holding main duty in management and supervisory, head nurses are accountable for verifying staff performance, financial and resource utilization, as well as ensuring the care conveyed is in line with the standard of practice and organizational policy.
2 Aug 2016 - General
1. Having the right qualification

Does it justify that you are able to manage? Its worth the try hiring you, but if you don't meet the requirement, then goodbye! And best part you need 3 to 5 years of working experience to qualify for that position? Nursing standards has dropped tremendously undoubtedly throughout these years. I have met so many head nurses who are so much incompetent and slow in making decisions. To my point of view qualification is probably necessary to a certain ...
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Quoting just 5 qualities did not do a head nurse justice. A head nurse held a very important position in the running of the entire hospital.The head nurse post must possess effective negotiation and conflict resolution skills. A head nurse or nurse manager is required to smoothly manage the care environment of the nursing unit under him or her. This means that the head nurse has to effectively manage any conflicts that may arise with regard to patient care schedules, or even personal conflicts ...
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Are you a head nurse wanna be? Check the following key requirements of a good head nurse. As the captain of the ship, one must have the qualification the team needed. Leadership skills must go second after the qualifications and experience of a nurse. You can be as experienced and over qualified forthe position but if you lack leadership skills or it does suit the group you have for the team, it won't eork really. I guess a participative type of leadership style goes along with almost all w...
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