Boost your income – 6 legitimate ways to earn more cash as a pharmacist

Boost your income – 6 legitimate ways to earn more cash as a pharmacist

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Are you a pharmacist who is feeling the pinch and want to earn extra income? Well, you’re in luck, as being a pharmacist also opens numerous opportunities for you to earn extra cash while contributing back to society with your professional knowledge. Here are 6 different ideas to explore to bring home fresh income.
2 Aug 2016 - General
An Chau even though i am not a pharmacist, but No. 6 is the best option in earning money. You would never know that your timid intentions of earning those extra bucks could end you up with a continuous flow of cash throughout your life! Those innovative people who are in the medical line should actually put in a little bit a thought into improving daily work situations to prevent medication errors and such. It i...
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What an interesting read. Freelancing as a pharmacist is something I only recently discovered since moving to Singapore. It not only earns you extra cash, but it also keeps your mind stimulated, your knowledge up to date, and your work life variety. It is true that the pharmacy allows for flexibility e.g. we can locum by doing shifts better suited to your lifestyle. Such opportunities may be useful for working mums.

Another area to earn extra cash as a pharmacist is market research. Th...
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