Columbia Asia receives $101 million from investment giant, Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

Columbia Asia receives $101 million from investment giant, Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

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Mitsui & Co., Ltd., has invested $101 million into Columbia Asia, one of the largest and fastest-growing healthcare companies in Asia. Columbia Asia is part of Seattle-based Columbia Pacific Management, and has 27 hospitals and one clinic across India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. It prides itself on an innovative business model focused on serving Asia's rapidly growing middle class with modern and efficient multispecialty hospitals located close to where patients live and work.
2 Aug 2016 - General
Columbia should be consider the IT solutions like centralized, electronic patient records to increase operational efficiencies across the asian countries. The Mitsui & Co. Ltd investment and technical capabilities at healthcare facilities, they should infuse this expertise at each development milestone to build overall personal and community well-being. They should be include: creating a master plan, raising capital and providing medical healthcare delivery experienced at healthcare system...
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Columbia Asia’s business model is based on building the health care facilities, which are located close to patients live and work (usually in suburb rather than big city), and targeting the middle class income group. It does deliver modern, affordable, quality healthcare service to the people. It has the hospitals and clinic across Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India. The significant investment from Mitsui & Co. Ltd will definitely has a positive impact for the growth, expansion, and sha...
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