The Google Glass In The ER

The Google Glass In The ER

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Doctors Peter Chai, Kavita Babu, and Edward Boyer from the University of Massachusetts Medical School came together to develop an app that connected with the use of Google Glass to perform emergency room consultations. This idea can be stemmed from the concept of telemedicine. Telemedicine, traditionally, is done by doing consultations via a computer screen. Seeing as the emergency room requires you to be on the go, you cannot be glued to a bulky computer screen at one end of the room.
2 Aug 2016 - General
Actually it sound very feasible. Imagine treating a patient in the ER and you require a cardiologist or dermatologist's input. Instead of having her over to look at the ECG , parameter and patient, she can easily communicate with you through the google glass and view what you are viewing. It is literally like looking through a portal to a different location. Mirror, mirror on the wall no more. it is google google on my nose, what is wrong with the patient after all. And you will hear the car...
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As I may have mentioned several times I am an embracer of technology. I love technology and when it comes to computers I self taught myself how to make a website, edit photos into works of art and video edit to make movies with amateur special effects. When it comes to gadgets that can boost our abilities to do perform tasks I would excitedly read more about it. Now here we have something that is geared towards the betterment in the referral system. We discussed before the article "Triage: ...
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