What to do when pets bite

What to do when pets bite

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Sometimes, cute and furry just won’t suffice. On occasion, pets will dig their teeth into human flesh, even if they’re well-trained. While most people tend to ignore a small bite as nothing more than red spots that will eventually subside, they are unaware that these may cause complications later.
2 Aug 2016 - General
Thank you for enlightening us with the topic, Dr. Ma Ivy Rozeth Saavedra-Iturralde. It is interesting to know that even scratches warrant an anti-rabies vaccination. Prevention is indeed better than cure. Dr. Jennifer Winter , it is nice to meet a proud Filipino doctor in the MIMS community too. I agree that we should mention the...
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" It is better to be protected or be proactive rather than regret later. Remember that the rabies virus have an incubation period for as long as 10 years."- Yes I agree. We should be proactive. Thank you for posting the guidelines here Ma Ivy Rozeth Saavedra-Iturralde . Just to add on us being proactive all bites from animals we cannot directly observe will receive anti-rabies vaccination. Deep scratche...
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There are 3 categories for animal bites. Category 1 means an animal, in this case your pet, licks your skin or a person's mucosa was touched by the pet's saliva; no open wound is involved. Category 2, there is a wound or scratch except for the head and neck area. Category 3 involves multiple bites and/or bite to the head or neck area. In public health, the intervention is on the preventive side. While observation on the animal/pet is done for 14 days, anti-rabies vaccine is already given...
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There is Rabies in our country and I have seen a patient brought to the ER and die from this. We are definitely quite vigilant when it comes to animal bite victims. Sometimes we may overdo the anti-rabies injections but honestly it is better to be safe than sorry. Though of course if the animal who bit them is their own pet who is up to date with his or her vaccines, is kept within the home, was provoked to bite them we would hold off on the anti-rabies vaccination and allow for the observation ...
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Dog bites to the hand is extremely high risk for infection due to the fact that there are
1)A lot of compartments with potential spaces in the hands
2) Crushing nature of dog bites causing muscle necrosis and damage
3) Oral flora of the dog have potential to cause infection in human especially Pasteurrella canis
4) The wound is small on the outside but really deep!
5) Tendon sheath and movement of tendon ( depending on position of the fingers when bitten ) provides excelle...
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