CDC issues historic travel warning over Zika in Miami

CDC issues historic travel warning over Zika in Miami

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The CDC issued an unprecedented travel warning on Zika on Monday, advising pregnant women and their partners not to travel to a small Miami community.
3 Aug 2016 - General
"With 40 million travelers to and from areas where Zika is actively circulating, many can come back who feel perfectly fine" We can't stop people from travelling and it seems like Zika is everywhere, making this virus difficult to prevent. Nowadays, we can see in the news that Zika is reported in this particular part of the country and the next day it would be reported to have infected another area. This makes travelling stressful for the fear of transmitting the virus, unless you ...
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Given the close proximity and flow of human traffic between south america and US, it is close to impossible to prevent the spread of ZIka. Furthermore, infected individual can be asymtomatic! It is not possible to fumigate an entire country. What they can probably do now is public education on avoidance of collecting household stagnant water, emergency response to suspected cases with fumigation of affected neighborhood as well as speed up on vaccine development. There should be law enforcement ...
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This is very alarming because a wealthy nation cannot seem to contain this viral infection. It seems that every two weeks, news about the viral spread of Zika gets increasingly alarming. I am not sure if anybody of you is familiar with the theory of "resurgence". Resurgence occurs when organisms become resistant to chemical exposure. They end up becoming more fecund enabling them to reproduce more. I think this may be happening to Miami right now. The US Environmental Protection Agency...
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