Health Care Stand Points: Which country do you hail from?

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3 Aug 2016 - General

I just realized in a discussion earlier that it may be best that instead of saying in a statement "in my country" you should mention which country that is instead. I don't think this would be any invasion of our privacy, if that may be a concern of some. By mentioning which country you are referring to, the reader can see that you are talking about health care in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India etc..and have an idea on the medical situation there.

I have found learning about health care situations in other countries through this forum very informative and many of what I have learned have been such eye openers. We can read about this kind of information on news articles but it is completely different to get personalized first hand information from a health care professional from that country.

I know my family name can be highly misleading hehe. So "Hi everyone! I am a Physician in the Philippines." 

Very cool intros Jennifer Winter and Ziwei Xie! I cannot match those, but anyway, I'm Lianne, a pharmacist from the Philippines! I've been in the academe for more than 7 years, and I specialized in Hospital Pharmacy for my Masters degree. Right now I'm into health, medical and technical writing for a number of clients...
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Ok so real introductions then...even though my GOT and LOTR introductions were awesome. I am Jennifer Winter, of German-Filipino descent. I went to nursing and medical school here in the Philippines. For the past years I have been doing telemedicine, medical writing, medical outreach, moonlighting and took the USMLE. So I've been here and there and done this and done that. In the next few months I am hoping to get into General Surgery training here as it is due time for me to start specializ...
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Oh dear, Ziwei and Jennifer, you sound alien to me! lol and to be honest, I have to google Westeros, wondering where in the world that is! hahaha. And I got more confused as you talked about LOTR and google gave me GOT. Which is Which? Anyway, without further Ado, I am Kathleen, born and bred in Philippines, trained as a nurse in Philippines but currently residing in United Kingdom.. I can see that Ziwei has trained here, I hope you liked Cardiff and Edinburgh. They don't seem to be near eac...
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